M. Laurent Hercz

Although haing had the opportunity to work in different sectors, the common thread of his career is still in hisinterest in customer service. He started working in his parents' clothing stores, tailors from a tailoring family. In 1980, they were already selling half measures based on the work of tailors.
Then, after a period in business school, his career took him to Polynesia, the United States and finally back to Paris. He worked as a Sales Director, Consultant, Music Producers, Cosmetics Manufacturer and Digital Printer. He now manage Sizomatic, whose offer consists in offering a new 3D cabin experience connected in the points of sale. This is the ultimate experience for consumers who can, via an application, obtain size recommendations, previews of clothes on their avatar, and a complete body follow-up after being scanned.

Avantex Agora - Hall 4 Apparel Sourcing - Avantex - Leatherworld - Shawls and Scarves - Texworld - Texworld Denim Paris Feb. 2019- Program FRE
2:00 — 3:00 PM
February 13 '19