M. Grégoire Guyon

Grégoire Guyon is head
of communications at Armor-lux.
Established in Quimper in 1938,
Armor-lux continues a tradition
of exceptional expertise in the design
and manufacture of knitwear, thanks
to one of the very latest vertically
integrated textile production tools
in France. More than just a label,
Armor-lux today embodies a way
of life, with marine-inspired collections,
authentic clothing and also a strong
commitment when it comes
to protecting jobs. 2018 marks
80 years of existence for Armor-lux,
with 550 employees, 3 factories
in France, 60 shops and affiliates.

Agora Hall 2 Apparel Sourcing - Avantex - Leatherworld - Shawls and Scarves - Texworld - Texworld Denim Paris Feb. 2019- Program FRE
10:00 — 11:00 AM
February 12 '19