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Louis Gérin

Louis Gérin & Grégory Lamaud have been fashion designers for 15 years and have been the Texworld and Apparel Sourcing Art Directors for 8 years in Paris and New York. They received an award in 2004, “The Gold Needle”, from Esmod International Fashion School in Paris, from the hands of Mr. Jean Charles de Castelbajac.

Since 2009 they have provided their fashion expertise without compromise to enhance the Texworld shows around the world. Their Trends team, composed of stylists, designers, graphics and writers offers each season an authentic & original overview of tomorrow's inspirational currents. With wide opened eyes, they detect and bring in the starlight the moods and colors of the future.

Conferences Hall 2 Agora FRE
12:15 — 1:15 PM
September 16 '19
Conferences Hall 2 Agora FRE
2:00 — 3:00 PM
September 17 '19
Subject to change without notice

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