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Carolyn Raff

Carolyn Raff Studio is a multidisciplinary design studio, based near Stuttgart. The focus is on creating sustainable solutions for Textile and Fashion Designers with unique natural materials.    ‘An ocean full of opportunities’ is a research project about the usage of different types of algae and algae based products to create sustainable sequins. The complete biodegradable biopolymer is mainly made from Agar Agar, an algae based gelatin substitute. It can be produced in a variety of shades, structures and looks. The bioploymer can be dyed with natural dyed like carmine, turmeric and algae dyes such as astaxanthin and phycocyanin. The 3-dimensional sequins are a product of this experimental approach on finding sustainable options for fashion.

Conferences Avantex Agora ENG
2:00 — 3:00 PM
September 16 '19
Subject to change without notice

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