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Prof. Dr. Yordan Kyosev

Yordan Kyosev holds M.Sc. degree in “Technique and Technology of the Textile and Clothing” (1996), 
M.Sc. degree in “Applied Mathematics” (2002) ,
PhD in Textile machines (2002)  (Technical University Sofia, Bulgaria). 
He habilitated in the area of “Textile Technology” in Technical University Chemnitz, Germany in 2018. 

Between 1996 and 2005 he was an assistant professor for Textile Technology at the Technical University Sofia, Bulgaria (design of textile and sewing machines, knitting technology and technical mechanics). 

After a research stay with Post-Doctoral Fellowship of the Alexander von Humboldt foundation at the Institut für Textiltechnik of RWTH Aachen University in 2005-2006, he became a Professor of “Textile materials, textile technology and quality management” (2006) at the Faculty of Textile and Clothing Technology, Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences, Germany. 

  He developed the 3D module of the first industrial software for 3D visualisation of warp knitted fabrics for ALC Computertechnik (2006-2008). In 2011 he  founded the software company TexMind, specialized in the development of algorithms for modelling of textile structures, software Braider, Braiding Machine Configurator and Warp Knitting Pattern Editor 3D. 
Prof. Kyosev is an author of numerous publications on modelling of textile structures and books about braiding and knitting technology and fuzzy logic. 
Since 2018 he is an Editor-in-Chief of the “Journal of Engineered Fibers and Fabrics”.

Techtextil Forum Hall 4 Level 1, J39 ENG TTF 5 - Smart Textile Applications
4:00 — 4:15 PM
May 15 '19
Subject to changes without notice

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