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Pol Paelinck

Pol Paelinck obtained his Master’s Degree in Physics and Astronomy from Ghent University in 2017. His thesis focused on the rapid imaging of afterglow behavior in phosphors via the combination of infrared and SEM imaging. In 2018 he began as a researcher  in the Textile Functionalization and Surface Modification group at Centexbel. There he works primarily on smart textiles and recycling projects.

Techtextil Forum Hall 4 Level 1, J39 ENG TTF 1 - Towards Sustainability
12:30 — 12:45 PM
May 14 '19
Techtextil Forum Hall 4 Level 1, J39 ENG TTF 5 - Smart Textile Applications
3:15 — 3:30 PM
May 15 '19
Subject to changes without notice

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