Dipl. Ing. Silke Sanduloff

I’m working as a research associate in different scientific research projects in thefields of 3D applications and associated systems at Niederrhein University of AppliedSciences in Mönchengladbach, Germany since 2016.I am a fully certified dressmaster (craft) and studied at the Niederrhein University ofApplied Sciences, degree course: Textile and Clothing Technology; field of study:Clothing Technology. I finished my studies as a graduated engineer (Dipl.Ing. FH)In the following years I worked for different clothing companies as head of CAD –departments. In this position, I worked with the 2D - CAD - systems Grafis andGerber and associated systems. My areas of expertise also include CAD – Pattern –making, programming in Grafis and production preparation. During my parental leavefor two children, I worked at a family – owned clothing store in quality assurance,sales consulting, area planning and as an assistant purchaser.

Hall 4 Level 1, J39 Techtextil Forum GER TTF 6 - Digital Transformation
11:15 — 11:30 AM
May 16 '19