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STFI Chemnitz e.V.

Dipl.-Ing. Dirk Zschenderlein

1983 – 1986 
Professional training, skilled worker for textile technique as weaver

1988 – 1993 
Study at the Technical University ChemnitzSpecialisation machinery and textile technology especially weaving technique

1993 - 2014
Textile Research Institute Thuringia-Vogtland e.V. (TITV)Project leader or scientist in research projects in the following special areas
• Application of fuzzy logic in finishing processes
• Application of CAD technologies for 3D garment construction and pattern design
• Weaving technology and narrow fabrics
• Software development for special pattern construction and design• Development of conductive thread material and transfer in production processes
• Development of fabrics with conductive properties for the integration of light functions
• Development of fabrics with thermal functions
• Development of fabrics with sensory properties
• TITV project leader of the EU-projects CONTEXT and PLACE-it

Since 06 / 2001 Head of Textile Technological Research
Since 07 / 2006 Head of Research and Development
Since 01 / 2013 Head of Research and Development – Smart Textiles

Techtextil Forum Hall 4 Level 1, J39 ENG TTF 6 - Digital Transformation
10:00 — 10:15 AM
May 16 '19
Subject to changes without notice

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