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Hall 4 Level 1, J39 TTF 9 - Dornbirn GFC - sustainable fibre innovations & applications
11:00 — 11:15
17 May' 19

Plasma treatment of bio-based and recycled fibres for eco-composites

The use of bio-based and recycled fibres as reinforcement for composites has been recently under investigation.
However, the low interfacial adhesion between fibre and matrix has a strong influence on composite mechanical properties.
In this study, flax and recycled carbon fibres were evaluated for their incorporation in composites and treated with low pressure plasma to improve the interfacial adhesion with matrix.
Fibre surface properties, as well as composites’ flexural and tensile properties, were evaluated.
Results indicated that the plasma treatment was capable of increasing surface roughness and introducing surface polar groups onto the fibres. Mechanical test results showed, in some cases, an improvement on the mechanical performance of composites reinforced with plasma-treated fibres.

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