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Hall 4 Level 1, J39 TTF 3 - Urban Textiles
11:30 — 11:45 AM
May 15 '19

Development of new methods of construction for protection and reinforcement of infrastructures towards extreme accidental stimuli (fire, explosion, earthquake)

The PRORETEX project aims to develop new methods of construction integrating textile reinforced concrete, by associating 6 partners (2 laboratories and 4 SMEs). This consortium is led by the Sulitec Group, specialized in insulating composites.
The project focuses on:

  • The development of a new generation of textile reinforced concrete through the formulation of fibers and hybrid technical textiles with high performances (especially for high temperatures), that are compatible with the operating conditions in the construction field.
  • The optimization of the reinforcement methods.
  • The definition, and pre-qualification of methods of construction that fit the actual dimensioning standards.

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