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Hall 4 Level 1, J39 TTF 1 - Towards Sustainability
2:30 — 2:45 PM
May 14 '19

Solutions for textile finishing in a sustainable and circular economy


The vision of a sustainable economy, based on “circulating”, re-using or deconstructing resources, is rapidly advancing. 
ICAP-SIRA developed new product lines especially designed to satisfy future requirements of sustainability: 

· new bi-component polyurethane systems for in situ polymerization as    substitutes of solvent based products 
· biodegradable polymers waterbased dispersions for coating,         laminating and padding in substitution of traditional vinyl/acrylic       products 
· high performance low eco-toxicological impact polymer dispersions

ICAP-SIRA Chemicals and Polymers SPA
Subject to changes without notice

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