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Märkische Faser GmbH

Eberhard Brack

born at the 8th of September 1968 in Ulm – studies in Augsburg, Oxford, Paris and Berlin  
Since 1995 I joined the textile industry starting at GLAESER textil in Ulm,
a in 1888 founded textile recycling company which since the beginning and until today was collecting, recycling, reusing and up-grading textiles of all kind – more and more in developping innovative and branded end consumer products !
In 1999 I was then acquiring the majority shares of the GLAESER company.  
In 2002 we were purchasing the polyster producer Märkischen Faser in Premnitz close to Berlin, one of the leading polyester staple fiber and resin producers in Europe.
Since then we developped MF towards speciality fibers and sustanability, producing in the meantime additionally to virgin also lots of recycling and up-cycling products, such as regenerated fibers, flakes and regenerated resin under the brand of P-ETernity™.
As latest development we are developping the „Clean Color Concept“ for convincing the textile market and the end consumer that we all together could safe lots of water, energy and chemicals as well as avoiding lots of waste water at the production and at home during washing by using our spun dyed staple fiber which is at the same time more economic and higher in quality through a perfect colour fastness and highest colour brilliance  
In 2009 we opened up in parallel IKV, in the meantime one of the leading manufacturer of highest quality black, white, coloured and additive (such as FR) masterbatches for the worldwide filament and fiber industry.

Techtextil Forum Halle 4 Ebene 1, J39 ENG TTF 9 - Dornbirn GFC - sustainable fibre innovations & applications
10:30 — 10:45
17. Mai '19
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