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Cezar Bulacu

Cezar Bulacu obtained his bachelor’s degree in engineering in textile production in 2009, an MBA with specialization Entrepreneurship and Emerging Market in 2015 at MIB School of Management in Trieste, Italy and from 2016 he is PhD candidate in industrial textile at Gh. Asachi University in Iasi, Romania. The field of study on he’s PhD is the Contributions to the foundation and elaboration of flexible systems for obtaining unconventional textiles with technical destination. He is R&D Manager at SC MINET SA the biggest nonwoven company from Romania with professional demonstrated history in the market of recycle, innovation and technical textile industry. 8 years working in the recovery of textile fibers from post-industrial textile waste and use that fiber in nonwoven materials with a technical purpose especially in the construction, upholstery and automotive industries. The latest research completed in 2018 with a patent application entitled "Unconventional wool-based material of Romanian breeds for the isolation of constructions and the process of obtaining them" has shown that non-woven material, which integrates up to 85% wool with characteristics which make it unsuitable for use in the classical textile industry, can be successfully used as a thermal and acoustic insulator with the property to purifying the air of formaldehyde-the most famous volatile organic compound. 

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