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Halle 4 Ebene 1, J39 TTF 9 - Dornbirn GFC - sustainable fibre innovations & applications
10:00 — 10:15
17. Mai '19

REFIBRA™ und Eco Color Technology für Autositze

During the last 10 years ecological aspects for car production are getting more important inclusively recycling. More important is this topic for the increasing electric vehicles production where sustainability should be arguable through the whole supply chain. Therefore a lot of wood, natural fiber and recycled fiber based products are used for interior parts. Disadvantage of most of all natural products is that they can`t be used for visible parts regarding optical reasons or not fulfilling the high automotive specifications. Very sensitive for natural wood based fibers is the seat cover application, because of all mentioned aspects. With man made cellulose fibers tailor made fibers can be offered which are resistant enough against abrasion and bleeding during wet rubbing. Especially Lenzing has developed ecofriendly fiber production processes like the REFIBRA™ technology where cotton rags will be used for pulp production or the Eco Color technology for dope dyed fibers which might be very interesting solutions for the automotive industry. LENZING™ fibers additionally improve the seat comfort regarding breathability compared to the normally used Polyester fibers. This means a much more dryer seat climate is achievable because LENZING™ fibers can absorb water vapor into the fiber Polyester fibers only absorb water vapor on the fiber surface and they feel wet. Seat cover fabrics containing LENZING™ fibers can absorb 53 times more water vapor compared to 100% Polyester fabrics and feel dry. Beside the sustainability aspect such a seat cover fabric could be used for a kind of passive climate seat in an electric vehicle because no additional energy is used as for a normal active climate seat. LENZING™ fibers give such fabrics also a very natural touch which supports the sustainability aspect.

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