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Forum hall 3-668 Forum hall 3
11:20 — 11:40 AM
November 26 '19

Measurement Technologies for Characterization of Magnetic Materials used in Electric Drives and Automotive Applications

Language: ENG

Due to the high complexity of the magnetization in electrical machines and influence of the manufacturing processes on the magnetic properties of their components, the assessment and prediction of power losses has remained a challenge. In the design process of electric motors and generators the power losses of stators and rotors are calculated based on the material supplier’s data from standard magnetic measurements. This type of data does not include the additional loss from non-sinusoidal multi-harmonic motor excitation nor the detrimental effects of residual stress remaining in the motor laminations after manufacturing processes, such as punching, housing shrink fitting and winding. Moreover, in production a considerable attention is given to the measurements of mechanical dimensions of stator and rotor cores, whereas verification of their magnetic properties is typically neglected, which can lead to inconsistent efficiency of assembled motors. Therefore, to enable a comprehensive characterization of motor materials and components, Brockhaus Measurements developed a range of in-line and offline measurement technologies for testing their magnetic properties under actual motor operating conditions.  In this presentation the examples of experimental data obtained with Brockhaus systems for demonstrating impact of manufacturing and complex magnetization conditions on properties of stator cores and electrical steel laminations will be discussed. 

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