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Forum hall 10.1-231
5:20 — 5:40 PM
November 26 '19

Bin picking made easy: Bin Picking Studio for robotic integrators

Language: ENG

The presentation by Adrian Kratky, Director of Robot Vision at Photoneo, covers the evolution of Bin Picking Studio - a web-based SW for setting up the entire automated bin picking, end-to-end and in one day. It’s able to pick even small metal, shiny and overlapping objects from a bin and place them in a desired location and position. The solution consists of a PhoXi 3D Scanner and Photoneo’s CAD-based software. The presentation also covers the main new features, such as teaching gripping point, selectable path planning, virtual debugging, CAD model creation, bin localisation, multiple viewpoint scene acquisition, region of interest and environment builder.


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