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Forum hall 10.1-231
12:00 — 1:00 PM
November 26 '19

5G: Unlocking the Potential of Industrial IoT

Language: ENG

The industrial sector is undergoing a digital transformation. 5G will enable factories to become increasingly wireless, interconnecting machines, robots, controllers, sensors and many other devices needed in an industrial environment. Combining 5G connectivity capabilities with computing capabilities such as machine learning, digital twin, extended reality, computer vision, and collaborative robots will bring new levels of performance and efficiencies, enabling benefits such as flexible manufacturing and predictive maintenance.

IIoT will connect machines and devices to each other in a high-stakes arena, where system failures and downtime are not an option.


With 5G private network, it is possible to deploy a dedicated, optimized and secure 5G network that is serving a local area such as a manufacturing facility or container port.

Discussion will also address new capabilities introduced in the next 5G standards release, 3GPP Rel-16. such as:

-         enhanced ultra-reliable low latency communication (eURLLC) with millisecond latency and 99.9999% reliability

-         Support for time sensitive networking (TSN)

-         Additional support for 5G private networks, including more spectrum options.

With 3GPP Rel-16, 5G can support taking today’s wired industrial Ethernet and make it wireless for increased flexibility and efficiency.

Qualcomm is driving 5G IIoT both from technology, standardization and product development. Utilizing our existing LTE-based industrial IoT products, we pioneered early trials of private LTE networks for industrial IoT, and we are collaborating with many industrial IoT companies today, setting the stage for the 5G transition.

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