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Forum hall 10.1-231
14:00 — 15:00
27. November '19

Cybersecurity in the modern security era

Everything will be connected to internet, literally everything. We should talk about IoE (Internet of Everything). We should also consider – when everything will be digitalized – what should not be digitalized and not connected to internet? Ethical questions will raise.

  1. Everything will be smart. If security is not taken care of, “smart” means same as exploitable and vulnerable. “Security by design” in IoE is a must. Security cannot be an afterthought. A fundamental question that everyone should have is: Are all the IoT devices we are using safe and secured?
  2. It´s about connectivity and data. A vast and increasing amount of data. The currency of IoE is data, and connectivity changes the world. The era of IoE is a matter of connections and data. Faster networks (5G, 6G) mean the data accumulated by smart devices will be gathered, analyzed and managed to a higher degree. Artificial intelligence will continue to become a bigger thing. Data currency only has value if the masses of data can be translated into insights and information which can be converted into concrete actions. IoE will require a new approach to AI analytics.
  3. As IoE proliferate, new ecosystems will emerge, and there will be commercial and technical battles between these ecosystems.
  4. “To what and to whom we can trust” question will become much more important in the IoE era. Maintaining and strengthening trust is in the heart of IoE. In order to do that, we need to change culture of the current IoE reality, be able to simplify, be brave – and act in a trusted way. 


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