Prolight + Sound Hall 4.C - Room Alliance
10:15 — 11:30 AM
April 3 '19

Education in Transition - New Generations, New Exams, New Learning


Young people have been under criticism for thousands of years – almost nothing is more constant than the perception that the present "younger" generation doesn't want to learn or has no motivation for goal attainment. Moreover we live today in a world which is changing more rapidly than ever before and in which it has never been easier to call up simply limitless information in seconds. In this talk we shall speak about motives, incentives for learning, and the new requirements emerging from new examination regulations – particularly for the event industry. The aim of the talk will be to question – or to rediscover – traditional teaching methods and to exchange ideas on the subject through discussion.  

Neumann & Müller
Subject to changes without notice

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