Rob Barber

Since joining ATOMIC in 2010 as vice president of rental solutions, Rob has implemented fundamental changes in the scenic rental industry while staying true to ATOMIC’s “Packs small, plays BIG” mantra. At ATOMIC, Rob has introduced over 70 new products and several new patented product lines, including Modular SuperLever, FASTwall, and SuperZipper. In addition to world headquarters in Lititz, PA, Rob and his team have successfully launched locations in Los Angeles, Miami, Frankfurt and Singapore. Rob comes to ATOMIC with 25 years of executive leadership in technology and systems implementation and has developed the technology of printing on eggs, as well as environmentally controlled poultry houses, and all sorts of other “really weird chicken things.” Rob claims to know more about chickens and eggs than 99.9% of the world’s population. He has a formal education in fine woodworking and business management…an oddly weird and perfect fit for ATOMIC. Locally, Rob is an active community leader, with positions including Board of Directors, Lancaster Office of Promotions; Advisory Board of the Parnelli Awards; Co-Founder, Leaders Circle Scholarship Committee.

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