Etienne Corteel

Governing the scientific outreach strategy, Etienne and his team are the interface between L-Acoustics and the scientific and education communities. Their mission is to develop and maintain an education program tailor-made for the professional sound industry. Etienne also contributes to the group's product strategy, ensuring L-Acoustics products continue to be the most intuitive and rapid to deploy. His team assures that the methods, practices and expertise of the L-Acoustics engineers is understood and applied whenever and wherever L-Acoustics sound systems are deployed. Etienne’s extensive industry experience includes posts spanning from research scientist to chief technology officer. He has authored more than 60 publications and 10 patents in various audio fields, including 3D audio and signal processing. A native of Vernon, France, Etienne holds a masters and PhD in signal processing and acoustics from Paris’ Pierre et Marie Curie University, and an engineering degree from IMT Atlantique.

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