Bill Sapsis

Bill Sapsis, President of Sapsis Rigging, Inc., has been involved in the entertainment industry since 1972.   His work on Broadway includes the original productions of A Chorus Line and The Runner Stumbles. In 1981, Bill began Sapsis Rigging and has since grown the company from a 2-person operation installing manual rigging systems in</a>to a multi-faceted installation/production/service company with clients on 5 continents. </span></span>  

Bill is an internationally recognized leader in the stage rigging industry. His commitment to safety related issues is well established and his articles on rigging and safety can be found in numerous entertainment industry publications while his lectures can be heard all over the world. Bill is a member of the Entertainment Technician Certification Program (ETCP) Council and Chair of the Rigging Subject Matter Experts. He serves on PLASA's Technical Standards Committee that oversees the ANSI-accredited Technical Standards Program and he is the Chair of the TSP’s Rigging Working Group. Bill is also a member of The ESTA Foundation's Board of Directors and sits on the Behind the Scenes committee.   

Bill is an ETCP Recognized Trainer.  He is a USITT Fellow and past member of the USITT Board of Directors.  He is a founding member of the Long Reach Long Riders, an industry based charity motorcycle group, and he was the 2010 recipient of the Eva Swan Award, PLASA NA highest honor.</span>  

In his civilian life Bill has three kids and a cat. In his free time he enjoys motorcycling and skiing although not at the same time.

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