Benoît Bouchez

Co-founder and CTO of KissBox, Benoit has designed the hardware and software of KissBox range of products (DMX, MIDI, Timeode, I/O network 
interfaces). Recognized as a specialist of RTP-MIDI, the open standard for MIDI communication over Ethernet, he is an active member of MIDI 2.0 
working group within MIDI Manufacturers Association. While mainly working on embedded systems design, he has also created the first MIDI 2.0 modules for Sensomusic's Usine software for the Windows and Mac platforms.
Benoit has a true passion for sound synthesis, which led him to create various innovative hardware systems for electronic music production, like HorusDSP, a plugin based DSP module for modular synthesizers or the 
CVToolbox, a unique networking device to generate modulation voltages in real-time from any DAW and bringing programmability to analog synthesizers.
Benoit is the author of two books dedicated to DMX and real-time audio processing and he teaches MIDI and audio signal processing in French universities.