Vendelguitar & tonewood AB

Lars Vendel

My name is Lars Vendel. I am a former car mechanic but my biggest interest has always been music. In 2006 I became a guitar teacher with alignment on fingerstyle, folk music and blues but also a teacher in studio engineering. This is where my chase for the perfect sounding guitar started. I found one I liked in 2009, after trying countless guitars, but sadly it was to expensive. I decided to build my own instead and this is where the journey began. I started building guitars in my garage and later started my own company. I spent years searching and reading about craftsmanship and, mixed with modern styles, I try to honer the old techniques as much as possible in my own builds. When these two styles meet in perfect harmony it makes, in my opinion, the greatest sounding guitars and that's what Vendel guitar & tonewood AB is all about!