KEX Knowledge Exchange AG

Patrick Neudegger

Patrick Neudegger, born 1984, received his Diploma in Aerospace Engineering 2014 at the University of Stuttgart. Since 2014 he is employed at KEX Knowledge Exchange AG in the area of Advanced Manufacturing & Materials. Among other topics, he participated in several consortium projects and bilateral projects regarding Additive Manufacturing.

IFFA Forum DFV Quality Competitions . ‘Trendfleischerei – Butchery Trends’ . Market Place GER
12:30 — 2:25 PM
May 8 '19

Discover3Dprinting@IFFA 2019

The two-hour presentation is directed at CEOs, developers and other decision-makers interested in learning more about how they might utilize 3D printing. Among other aspects, participants will find out where the potential of additive manufacturing lies and where it can benefit their own production operations.