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DFV Quality Competitions . ‘Trendfleischerei – Butchery Trends’ . Market Place Hall 12.0, Stand D29
7:45 — 7:50 AM
May 9 '19

Special Exhibition: ‘Butchery Trends’

The ‘Butchery Trends’ in Hall 12.0 will showcase ways in which the butcher’s shop of tomorrow might create and present their product range, so as attract new target groups and ensure loyalty from established customers. Alongside traditional meat and sausage specialities, adapted to today’s tastes and changed eating habits, the selection could well also include products that reflect the current spirit of the age. Creativity and skill are needed to pick up on the trends and implement them with the top quality we associate with artisan work. At the same time, master butchers are also increasingly expected to become experts in nutrition. And they are extending their qualifications as product specialists to become for example ‘meat sommeliers’ - specialists who can advise on wider issues, as well as prepare and sell meat. The special exhibition will also showcase ideas for ways in which a butcher’s shop can react to the enduring trend for the away-from-home market and/or ‘food to go’. The special exhibition is a cooperative venture between the J.A.Heyne School of Butchery Frankfurt, the Frankfurt / Rhine-Main Chamber of Trades, the German Butchers’ Association (DFV), the Central Cooperative of European Butchers (Zentrag) and Messe Frankfurt.

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