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3:40 — 4:00 PM
May 4 '19

Replacing Phosphates in Meat and Poultry using Natural Citrus Fiber

Using phosphates in injection marinade meat and poultry is a common practice to increase yields, reduce purge and improve the eating qualities. However, phosphates come with its own set of challenges including labeling and environmental concerns. As a result, several phosphate replacement options emerged including using Citri-Fi natural citrus fibre with carrageenans, rice starch or most recently sodium carbonate. Citri-Fi is produced from a clean and physical process which opens up the fiber to provide high water holding capacity and emulsification properties. When sodium carbonate is used in brines, it increases the pH of the meat. As a result, the higher pH opens up the muscle to allow more water to bind. Citri-Fi binds high amounts of water and helps prevent purging in raw meat. This natural ingredient improves the cooked yield addition to the organoleptic properties. Moreover, Citri-Fi is non-GMO and allergen-free. This ingredient does not have an E-number which resonates well in the European markets.

Fiberstar, Inc.
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