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3:15 — 3:35 PM
May 8 '19

Quality, Safety and Shelf life combined in a Sustainable process and packaging

The Micvac system enables a repositioning with innovative fresh chilled ready-meals: flavoursome with a crunchy freshness and longer shelf life - and all this without preservatives! The intelligent system is sustainable and simple yet giving the best results!

Key to the Micvac system are the Micvac microwave tunnel and Micvac’s patented packaging components: the Micvac valve, tray and specially designed film. With this system tasty chilled ready meals can be produced that reduce food waste and provide a high level of food safety, higher cost efficiency and significant energy savings along the entire value chain.

Micvac received the SACCNY-Deloitte Green Award in November 2018 for their energy efficient production system. The Micvac system proves to be particularly energy-efficient: It requires less precooking or cooking in the conventional appliances of commercial kitchens, thus saving energy and other resources. In addition, the packaging, which id specially designed for the process, is very compact, which is also reflected in energy savings during transport.

Tasty meals for modern demands
With this modern approach and by offering fresh and healthy meals, that are full of flavour Micvac fulfils the wishes and tastes of the modern consumer in these fast-moving times. Delicious ready meals for today´s needs: The ready meals are heated in the microwave without being removed from the sealed packaging. When heated, the patented valve incorporated into the packaging film opens to release steam. A whistle tells the consumer that the ready meal is ready for consumption at an ideal serving temperature.

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