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4:05 — 4:25 PM
May 7 '19

The DMRI Food Safety Management Tool

With the Food Safety Management Tool, you improve the slaughter hygiene and food safety

The Food Safety Management Tool is a tool for systematic audit of the slaughter line with the prime goal to identify areas of focus, make the needed improvement/adjustments, and subsequently follow up and document the implemented improvements. The Food safety Management Tool is based on a combination of overall observations and defined indicators, providing a structured system to handle problem areas. The observations and scored questions will be supported by analyses of the microbial count at selected areas in the production and on selected subsets of fresh meat cuts.

The case of Salmonella
 Use the Food Safety Management Tool to control the incoming load of Salmonella on the slaughter pigs. During slaughter, several procedures result in exposure of potentially contaminated parts of the animal e.g. intestines, pluck set and tonsils. Therefore, the slaughter process may involve risks of spreading Salmonella from the contaminated parts of the animal to both the production environment and to the meat. Once these risk areas have been identified using the Food Safety Management Tool, the proper correction for minimizing salmonella contamination can be implemented and subsequently monitored.

What’s in it for me?

The Food Safety Management Tool is a system that:
 •  Improves the hygiene level in the production and thereby the
     overall food safety level.
 •  Identifies areas and/or processes that are troublesome for the
     food safety level.

 •  Monitors the cleaning quality.  

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