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IFFA Forum IFFA Forum
2:00 — 2:20 PM
May 9 '19

Packaging is changing – let’s shape it!

The presentation concentrates on one of the well-known sustainability pillars: Environment. Lot’s of emotional pictures of marine littering had been broadcasted in the recent months. People are highly sensible especially if it comes to plastics packaging materials. 

On the other hand, the EU published their Plastics Strategy – a mix of 38 of regulatory, economic and voluntary measures to foster behavior changes.  

Beside that, retailers and brand owners published their own packaging guides.  

During the presentation, plastics packaging solutions will be introduced to the audience which fulfill the regulatory and environmental needs of today and the future, as they are recyclable and allowing a further contribution to the recycling targets of the industry.

Schur Flexibles Germany GmbH
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