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IFFA Forum IFFA Forum
2:50 — 3:10 PM
May 7 '19

NOVADRY - The new Vacuum Pump Benchmark for Food Packaging & Processing

During this presentation the latest disruptive development in the field of vacuum pump technology for the food packaging & processing industry will be highlighted. Today, the most established vacuum pump technology in the market is the so called “oil-sealed rotary vane pump”. These pumps represent >80% of all vacuum pumps currently used in the food industry. Such type of vacuum pumps uses oil for lubrication, sealing and cooling reasons, mostly even non food-grade oil-types. Oil usage does for sure bear risks, as some amounts of oil will always be emitted into the food processing area. Oil could be sucked backwards into the evacuated machine, might leak out of the pump in case of bad maintenance and will be blown out of the pumps exhaust.  

Food quality and hygiene is becoming more & more crucial these days for food producers as well for the consumers. Any potential oil-contamination does endanger these requirements. For that reason Leybold developed the NOVADRY, the first 100% oil-free, completely dry vacuum pump on the market! The NOVADRY reduces the risk of oil contamination by the vacuum pump to zero. Next to this the pump offers great vacuum performance, lowest noise level combined with superior sound quality. It is most easy to install and operate. And at last it sets a new benchmark in energy efficiency, requires only lowest maintenance and by this reduces the operation costs to a minimum.

Being completely oil-free, the pump can be installed locally inside the food processing area without offering a hygienic risk. This can be done integrated into the machine or close to the machine inside one of the optional, standardized hygienic wash-down enclosures. At the IFFA 2019, the NOVADRY family will be launched in four sizes in the pumping speed range from 65 m³/h to 200 m³/h. This enables a wide range of food producers to upgrade their processes with a real hygienic alternative and to make them ready for the customer needs of today and tomorrow.  

The NOVADRY is a real game changing technology leap for the food processing industry! It is a part of the solution to offer really fresh and healthy food towards the consumer.  

Leybold GmbH
Leybold GmbH
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