The international quality competitions of the German Butcher Association (DFV) take place on the competition area in Hall 12. Here, every butcher's shop involved can compete with the diversity of craftsmanship and the quality of its products in an international comparison. Not only the trophies, medals and certificates make the competitions attractive. They are also an important tool that companies use for self-monitoring and quality improvement.

The ‘International Quality Awards’ are organised by the German Butchers’ Association as part of the IFFA 2019. The aim is to underscore the immense importance of artisan made products and the tradition of these specialities. The awards should emphasise the quality of the products and are a great way for a company to promote itself.

The IFFA Forum combines expert lectures during the morning with practical examples from exhibitors in the afternoon, and highlighting an important industry trend every day. On Saturday, the forum will start in the afternoon, focusing on the topic "Food Trends: Ingredients". On Sunday everything in the forum revolves around "butcher’s trade and sales". The fair Monday will be dedicated to the top topic "Production Optimization and Digital Solutions", on Tuesday experts and exhibitors will shed light on the current state of "Food Safety". On Wednesday, May 8, the IFFA Forum will be dedicated to the theme of "Packaging", the final day of the fair, which will be held in the morning, and will be dedicated to "Resource Efficiency". All lectures are in German or English and will be translated simultaneously. The forum is free of charge and open to all trade visitors.

At the IFFA Kitchen visitors can see a production line with meat-processing machines in operation. Under realistic circumstances, food engineers will demonstrate how sausage is made several times a day – and the finished product will be available for tasting immediately afterwards.  

Go on a journey of discovery, and join one of the thematic tours of the fair to exciting novelties. For the first time for this year's IFFA, we are offering the "IFFA Discovery Tours" in the fringe program. Guided tours of various topics are offered daily from 4 to 9 May 2019. Participation in the approximately 1,5-hour tour is free of charge.

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IFFA Forum IFFA Forum
2:00 — 2:20 PM
May 6 '19

Digital solutions add value in meat processing

The market environment for modern food processing plants today is characterised by cost pressure, a highly dynamic approach and complexity. Plant and production managers frequently feel forced to pursue competing aims under difficult conditions: stringent quality requirements coupled with ambitious cost targets, quickly fluctuating demands and changing operating staff are typical challenges.  

Handtmann Maschinenfabrik offers intelligent digital solutions for a wide variety of requirements that provide effective support and create real added values. The Handtmann Monitoring Function HMF, for example, independently stops the filling and portioning line if quality-relevant parameters are exceeded or not met. Misproduction can thus be reduced or even altogether avoided. The Handtmann Data Interface HDI features a standardised interface for easy communication with data processing system for process optimisation. The Handtmann Line Control HLC allows status monitoring of complex automated production lines in real time, as well as automatic programme change for the entire production line via the vacuum filler’s control system.

The Handtmann Communication Unit HCU has since many years been the leading Industry 4.0 solution for the planning, control and optimisation of the filling department. In the new version, OEE key figures (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) can be calculated for the analysis of added value. 

The IFFA will also see the premiere of the Handtmann Machine Cockpit HMC, an online tool that stores defined data such as operating hours, pressure curves, error messages and machine status in the cloud. An up-to-date overview is therefore also available on mobile devices at any time – almost in real time! Critical information such as due date of the next maintenance are not only available to the customer but also to the Handtmann contact responsible for service scheduling. Machines that are maintained in good time help avoid unplanned downtimes and keep operating costs low.

Handtmann Digital Solutions: Meat Processing – Simply Smart    

Albert Handtmann Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG
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