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4:05 — 4:25 PM
May 4 '19

Listeria control in meat using natural ingredients

Nowadays consumers are looking for less processed, healthier food with less additives or at least understandable/recognizable ingredients. As we all know, this brings about challenges in the production/processing of the food, but it also reduces the food safety of the food. Luckily, the market provides some additives which will ensure prevention against pathogenic bacteria like Listeria and can be considered clean label. Many of these additives are however not very effective and/or need to be applied in high dosage.  

Niacet has developed a range of additives based on neutralized natural vinegar, aiming at processed meat, poultry and fish products as well as RTE-meals. These products, under the Provian brand name, not only provide safety against pathogens, but are very effective at low dosage and therefor do not interfere with the taste and smell of the products.  

The presentation at IFFA will focus on the growth of Listeria in processed meat products and how Provian NDV can help ensuring food safety while maintaining a clean label claim for the final product.

Niacet b.v.
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