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Quality Competions - Butchery Trends - Market Place  

DFV Quality Competitions . ‘Trendfleischerei – Butchery Trends’ . Market Place Hall 12.0 Stand D11 GER

International Quality Competition for Products in Convenience Packaging, Cans and Jars

Quality scores particularly highly when it comes to convenience foods. The current IFFA competition has its finger very much on the pulse of the sector and rewards outstanding convenience-food products, which represent an ever more relevant trend. Along with ready-made items such as soups, meatballs and meat roulades, awards will also be offered for tinned and bottled sausage products.

Lecture Area  


Smart technologies for the security against contamination in food production

Integrated solutions for food safety: How do I bring my production process to the desired microbial level? The list of steps to be mastered and of possible pitfalls is long. Who will help you find a holistic approach that incorporates building architecture, technology, air conditioning and ventilation, cleaning, logistics, suppliers, and last but not least, staff? In the lecture of Prof. Gernod Dittel you will learn practical insights gained from 25 years of experience in the planning of pure production areas.


SIMKOR – Virtual testing of cleaning efficiency

Die hygienische Produktion von Lebensmitteln, pharmazeutischen Produkten und Kosmetika erfordert eine valide, bedarfsgerechte Reinigung der produktberührten Bereiche. Eine besondere Herausforderung für diese komplexen Anlagen ist die effiziente Auslegung des Reinigungssystems. Die erfolgreiche Implementierung eines sicheren und effektiven Reinigungssystems basiert in erster Linie auf dem Fachwissen und der Erfahrung des verantwortlichen Ingenieurs.

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