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Hall 11 Level 0, Foyer Sleep! The Future Forum
11:30 AM — 12:00 PM
January 10 '19

The Importance of Sleep Comfort as a Central Criterion for Repeat Customers: Bed Products in Hotels

Lecture in german

The hotel industry is booming: In 2016, hotel revenue worldwide skyrocketed to more than 550 billion US dollars for the first time ever (source: Statista). While this certainly is good news for hoteliers, it does not imply that brand loyalty can be taken for granted. One out of two guests looks for accommodation every time anew and selects from among diverse providers – reason enough to find out on what criteria people base their selection of hotels. No matter what guest survey you consult, results indicate that sleep comfort is among the top five criteria. In addition to mattresses and linens, bed products have moved to the centre of attention. Many hotels now offer a pillow menu and allow guests to choose from various fillings for their covers. Whether guests and hoteliers opt for down or fibres is not only a matter of personal preference or sleeping habits but increasingly has to do with environmental awareness and ethics. The speaker will provide insights into the world of bed products for the contract sector and will discuss new ways to retain customers by offering ethically responsible products.

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