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Hall 4 Level 2 Interior.Architecture.Hospitality
1:00 — 1:15 PM
January 9 '19

Lectures AIT-Dialog: Atmosphere


Lecture in German

Welcome and introduction by Ms Kristina Bacht 

To what extent does atmosphere have a positive effect on our well-being? In view of the increasing presence of mindfulness trends and deceleration needs, the demand for "Healing Architecture" and its influence on health is gaining in relevance, especially when it comes to care spaces. The focus of this theme day is on residential models for special life situations, hospitals, nursing and retirement homes, and hospices. Demographic change and increasing social differentiation call for a certain “needs excellence” in architecture. In this context, "feel-good atmosphere" and "quality of stay" are increasingly becoming keywords of a movement that directs its attention on the inner values of architecture and deals with the question: What opportunities do new residential concepts offer? What impact does social change have on housing? What strategies does architecture offer us to manage the situation?

Gesellschaft für Knowhow- Transfer in Architektur und Bauwesen mbH
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