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Hall 4 Level 2 Interior.Architecture.Hospitality
1:00 — 1:15 PM
January 8 '19

Lectures AIT-Dialog: Space


Lecture in German

Welcome and introduction by Ms Kristina Bacht

Temporary buildings and three-dimensional structures: Space is defined as an extension in height, length, and width. However, the conception of unconventional and surprising spaces is about much more than following the basic principles of design. What makes up the fascination of temporary spaces and how do they turn into an experience? What is the role of context and material? What potential do unprogrammed spaces and interspaces hold in terms of appropriation? To what extent must a use be predefined for a vitalisation? How can space be delimited, condensed, and complemented? Besides all these aesthetic spatial issues designers and architects are concentrating on the topic of temporary housing in times of worldwide refugee movements.
Renowned designers and architects explain these aspects using impressive examples. These include the staging at Heimtextil inspired by Furoshiki!

Gesellschaft für Knowhow- Transfer in Architektur und Bauwesen mbH
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