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Hall 11 Level 0, Foyer Sleep! The Future Forum
10:00 — 10:30 AM
January 11 '19

Bringing Visibility to Hidden Supply Chains

Lecture in english

GoodWeave International is a non-profit organisation whose mission is to end child labour in global supply chains while aspiring to improve overall working conditions.  For 25 years, GoodWeave has been pioneering a system to realise its vision of a world free of child labour. That system harnesses market power of full supply chains from the factories to the villages to the homes, and cleans up supply chains by independently monitoring against its standard. The approach includes removal, rehabilitation, and education of former child labourers, and offers education to at-risk children. In 2016, GoodWeave began replicating its system in the supply chains of home textiles and four other sectors. Join us to learn how global home textile brands can partner with GoodWeave to bring visibility to hidden supply chains, give voice to marginalised workers, restore childhood and CHANGE THE PATTERN™.

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