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Hall 11 Level 0, Foyer Sleep! The Future Forum
12:00 — 12:30 PM
January 10 '19

A 360 - Degree Approach to Sleep

Lecture in English

The real reasons why you aren’t sleeping and what you can do about it that nobody else is telling you about. When it comes to health, everything is connected. Diet and activity level affect energy and sleep. Stress can lead to poor diet and sleep, which in turn leads to more stress. At the end of the day, sleep is not your issue, it’s a symptom of deeper root cause. Christine Hansen takes a 360-degree, show-me-everything approach to better sleep, and tackle stress management, sleep habits, hormone levels, gut health, nutrition, and a list of other details. In her 360-degree approach she also pays attention to the key factors of a bed that contribute to improvement the quality of sleep: ergonomics, climate and hygiene. Especially the topics climate and hygiene, with FreshBed as paragon, the first bed with active climate control that creates the perfect microclimate for sleeping. About how the right temperature will make you fall asleep sooner and sleep deeper and longer with fewer interruptions throughout the night. But also about how FreshBed’s optimum relative humidity, hygiene and purified air improve the quality of your sleep.  

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