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Hall 11 Level 0, Foyer Sleep! The Future Forum
1:00 — 1:45 PM
January 9 '19

Sleep as a performance booster

Lecture in german

Performance driven by sleep – a simple concept that still is underestimated, as despite the numerous modern feel-good sleep products being launched, there still is a lack of knowledge about healthy sleep and disrupted sleep. We sleep to be mentally and physically fit during the day. We sleep to allow memory processes to take place. We sleep to cleanse our brains. We sleep to boost our immune system. We sleep to grow, mature, slow down the aging process, look and feel good, rested and refreshed the next day. The right amount and quality of sleep at the right time guarantees performance and joy of life. However, sleep is fragile. Stress, shift work, switching between time zones, light, noise, constant reachability and lack of sleep comfort increasingly are taking a toll. In addition, we often do not take the time for restful and healthy sleep and neither do children or adolescents. If we want sleep to boost our performance, we must safeguard and nurture it, just as we do our body and physical well-being. For this reason, general health programmes encourage not only a healthy diet and physical activity, but also sleep: the third essential element of prevention of illness.

Charité-Universitätsmedizin Berlin
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