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Ambiente 2019 Hall 9 Level 1, D90
1:00 — 1:30 PM
February 11 '19

How Amazon saved our department store – the success story of a restructuring

Even if the widely held view is that online giants are destroying the retail trade, there are also opportunities to be exploited here: While Amazon and other online stores are trying to satisfy the customer's desire to have everything at bargain prices, they also open up the possibility for the high-street trade to become more individual and personal. Space is created for curated goods, personal service and proximity to the customer. The InnKaufhaus department store in Wasserburg has experienced these rapidly changing times at first hand. This traditional establishment was sold off and then closed before a radical concept saw it reopen. Behind this rise from the ashes are two people who did not come from the retail sector; instead they approached the challenge with the eyes of a modern customer and with a background in the online world. Today, the InnKaufhaus has been completely revamped, rethought and emotionally charged. Carefully selected products, excellent consumer advice, high quality, customer service and events within the shop space combine with high-tech automated IT and merchandise management work processes.

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