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Ambiente 2019 Hall 9 Level 1, D90
1:00 — 1:30 PM
February 8 '19

Experience per square metre: success formula for high-street retail

The formula is quite simple: the more impressive the experience per square metre, the greater the commercial and media success. This is why the staging of individual products within a particular lifestyle world is so important in high-street stores. The entire store, right down to the smallest product, must tell a story that touches and seduces emotionally. Whereas in the past the formula for successful high-street retail was "more sales per square metre", today we talk of "more experience per square metre". Essentially, if the customer is enthusiastic, the retailer benefits – both commercially and in terms of media profile. A good yardstick of whether a new retail format is successful can be its presence on all familiar social media channels. 

Karen Klessinger, an expert in destination development, looks back on 20 years of experience in profiling destinations and shares her expertise in developing experience destinations that have value for people because they offer something wonderful: authentic experiences and valuable memories. Her formula for successful destination profiling and customer experience design is: more experience, please! Whether leisure world, retail store or shopping mall – the profile of a destination is determined by its experience value.

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