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9:00 AM — 6:00 PM
March 18 '18

The German Lighting Design Award

Organiser: Hüthig GmbH
Location: Hall 4.1 FOY09

Today the idea of lighting as a ‘construction material’ is ubiquitous, whether for temporary building transformation, as illumination or quite simply to provide a well-lit interior. Lighting design provides the basis for this and over the past few years, being understood as an integral part of the planning process, it has become a completely new facet of building culture

You can raise the awareness of light in architecture by highlighting the special. Often this is lacking, so that is where an award comes in. For the largest lighting market in Europe, the German speaking countries, we have, since 2011, the German Lighting Design Award, bringing planners, media and industry together.

The German Lighting Design Award is presented annually. The winners are chosen in a total of ten categories by a jury made up of distinguished experts who do not simply look at photographs, but also visit the site and are able to judge for themselves the lighting effect created. Entries can be submitted by planners or building owners with the countries of Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Benelux being eligible.

The award ceremony itself is an event for the whole industry. Held in a festive setting, it brings together lighting planners, architects, building owners and the lighting industry in a relaxed, convivial atmosphere to enjoy an inspiring evening of conversation. For the network of planners, industry and education this award ceremony has become a fixed star in the architectural lighting firmament.

The German Lighting Design Award is also at Light + Building 2018. Find out more information about the categories, the award-winners for 2018 and the 2018 event itself, including sponsorship opportunities to show market sector presence and affiliation.   

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