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9:00 AM — 6:00 PM
March 18 '18

AIT Award - Architecture competition-rewards work and projects undertaken worldwide in the fields of architecture and interior

Organiser: AIT / Association for Know-how Transfer in Architecture and Construction (Gesellschaft für Knowhow-Transfer in Architektur und Bauwesen mbH) in cooperation with Messe Frankfurt
Hall 1.1 A50

This will be the fourth time that the AIT Award will be presented to the best architectural and the most outstanding interior architectural projects. The AIT-Award ‘Best in Interior and Architecture 2018’ combines interior and exterior architecture in one prize. The AIT-Award is split into twelve different categories: from the residential home to the shopping centre and the museum.

The internationally distinguished jury has an award to present in each category along with prizes for second and third place and distinctions. The award-winning projects will be showcased on a special AIT stage for the duration of the trade show.

The award ceremony takes place on 21 March 2018 at Light + Building in the Salon Panorama of the Forum.

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