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Ulrich Plate

1988-1997 Marketing and distribution director at a data centre for newspapers and correspondents, additionally founder and director of the new Internet department after 1995. 1998-2003 Managing director and representative for European Internet companies in Japan, 2001 onwards also General representative for a group of IT companies in the field of software development (smart cards, network solutions, semantic databases). 2003 bis 2013 Managing director of a network consultancy, research projects on broadband access in Germany for the Hessian state government (2004), software development and communication consulting, security audits for data centres. 2005 to 2009 and 2011 to 2017 Senior Political Adviser to Members of the German Bundestag, i.e. executive manager of the Berlin parliamentary and constituency offices, press and public relations spokesman, scientific director, head of human relations and occupational training. Leading the new digitalisation and mobility department at atene KOM GmbH since November 2017.

Hypermotion 2018 - Program Room 1 GER s=mc²
4:00 — 5:30 PM
November 20 '18

s=mc² - Digital Regions: Digitalisation of transport

The conference programme „Digital Regions“ introduces specific needs of cities, municipalities and administrative districts. Further it presents solutions:

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