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Thuy Chinh Duong

Thuy Chinh Duong drives forward the product development of MotionTag's ticketing solution, connecting technology and market needs. Besides, she works as a coach and consultant for Design Thinking driven innovation projects. She has several years of experience as a strategy consultant for public transportation authorities, working on topics around ticketing and digital transformation. Chinh studied mathematics (M.Sc., Diplom) in Berlin, London and Montréal, as well as Design Thinking at the Hasso Plattner Institute in Potsdam.

Hypermotion 2018 - Program Room 4 GER Forum Public Mobility
2:30 — 4:30 PM
November 20 '18

Forum Public Mobility: Apps and beyond

MaaS, Seamless Travelling, Seamless Payment. How far have we come with Smart Mobility? What are the barriers? What do we aim for?

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