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Verkehrsgesellschaft Frankfurt am Main mbH

Martin Pauers

Head of Department - Systems Engineering and Innovation (2018- )
"Certified technician - specializing in systems engineering"
Head of the Stadtbahn Central Workshop (2013-2018)
Specialist in the office of the manager BOStrab (2011-2012)
Specialist in work preparation / planning of maintenance periods for rail vehicles
skilled worker in the maintenance of rail vehicles (2002-2007)
Training industrial mechanic / industrial engineering (1998-2002)

Hypermotion 2018 - Program Hypermotion-Lab GER
11:15 AM — 12:15 PM
November 22 '18

HOLM: LastMileLogistics - Innovative Delivery Concepts

Presentation of innovative concepts for last mile delivery

Subject to changes without notice

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