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Marian Pufahl

Marian Pufahl is managing director and co-founder of Synfioo and responsible for client projects, sales and marketing. He served as project manager and central customer contact person in numerous client projects, e.g. with DB cargo. Synfioo is a software company founded in 2015, that offers precise data-based arrival time predictions and intermodal transportation decision support (road, rail, ship, and air). Before founding Synfioo, Marian Pufahl has worked as an IT consultant and project manager in consulting companies and as a freelancer. He led numerous small to medium sized software development projects and established long lasting client relationships. After completing his studies with a degree in Business Informatics, Marian Pufahl started his career as a Trainee and later as a Product Lifecycle Management Consultant at IBM (2006 to 2010). Afterwards, he was responsible for IT consulting, project management and business development at SD&C Solutions Development & Consulting GmbH (2010 to 2014). 

Hypermotion 2018 - Program Hypermotion-Lab GER EXCHAiNGE
1:30 — 2:15 PM
November 20 '18

EXCHAiNGE: Supply chain best practices - Details behind the scenes

n 2018, for the 13th year running, the Supply Chain Management Award will shine a spotlight on unique concepts and extraordinary supply chain managers.

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