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Maja Stange

Maja Stange initially supported the Next Logistics Accelerator (NLA) in corporate development, searched and evaluated the latest innovative LogTech startups globally and was responsible for the planning, preparation and participation of thematically appropriate events, as well as the generation and management of logistics industry partners. Today she is the program management responsible, guarantees a smooth process and efficient content of the program for the startups according to their needs and supports their connecting with the most important players. Born in Hamburg, she passionately pursues the mission of the NLA: to strengthen Hamburg as a top logistics location, to help startups overcome their hurdles to rapid growth, and above all to promote innovation in the logistics sector.

Previously, Ms. Stange gained professional experience in an IT startup incl. exit to a large corporation, as well as in the German Federal Foreign Office, in a Chinese medical technology company and a French charity organization and lived abroad for 3 years in the USA, France and China. She completed her studies "International Cultural and Business Studies" with a focus on Southeast Asian cultures and languages at the University of Passau. She is very interested in company foundings and would like to promote and support this trend in her favourite City and hometown. From her point of view, logistics is one of the areas that most urgently needs the push of Innovation drivers.

Hypermotion 2018 - Program Room 4 GER Logistics Digital Conference!
2:45 — 4:15 PM
November 22 '18

Logistics Digital Conference! Start-ups in logistics and transport: opportunities and risks of the new digital platforms for freight forwarders and shipping agents

The ability to translate digital ideas into technologies and new business models gives you a head start on other companies.

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