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Johannes Giloth

Johannes Giloth is the Chief Procurement Officer and SVP of Global Operations at Nokia. He is currently living in Munich. In his role he is responsible for procurement, integrated Supply Chain, production, transportation logistics and warehouse logistics as well as the strategic und operative supplier management at Nokia. In his 20 year career Johannes Giloth has been successfully active in various industries in the areas supply chain, procurement, M&A and management consulting. The main emphasis in his current role lays on development of digital end-to-end value chains in procurement and supply chain areas.

Hypermotion 2018 - Program Room 3 GER EXCHAiNGE
11:30 AM — 1:00 PM
November 21 '18

EXCHAiNGE: Culture and mindsets for the digital transformation - Reinvigorate your business by eliminating barriers to innovation?

How do we manage to introduce fundamental, “disruptive” innovations into the supply chain?

Hypermotion 2018 - Program Hall 5 Level 1, D50 GER EXCHAiNGE
5:15 — 10:00 PM
November 21 '18
Hypermotion 2018 - Program Room 4 GER Logistics Digital Conference!
9:30 — 11:00 AM
November 22 '18
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